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Keep your things smartly organized with right Kitchen Accessories by TEL

Organize Smartly with Sleek Kitchen Accessories by TEL

Kitchen accessories such as drawers, cabinets etc not only enhance the efficiency of the homemakers but also makes their day-to-day cooking a delightful experience.

Optimize your kitchen space with TEL’s sleek modular kitchen accessories list that includes pull-out systems, ingenious corner units, wall units, bespoke cutlery organizers, under sink systems and much more.

TEL Kitchens has partnered with leading global brands to deliver the latest and smart functionality perfect for Indian Kitchens.

The advanced motion technology ensures soft closure, noiseless motion, handless operations powered with a single-touch to open mechanism.

Adorn a spacious and organized look to your kitchen with durable and high-quality fittings and modular kitchen accessories by TEL Kitchens.

Let’s co-create a kitchen of your dreams which is durable, awe-inspiring and is completely in sync with your taste, lifestyle, needs and of course space.

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Make your home look smart, functional and organized with cherry-picked sleek kitchen accessories driven by latest technologies.

Stunning & Functional Cabinet Applications

Simplify and organize your kitchen workflow by choosing the right cabinet for your kitchen.
Looking for modular kitchen accessories for storing cookware and consumables? Shelved carousel & basket carousel are your ideal pick.
Pull-out side corner shelves allow you to optimize and utilize all the corner space offering a wide reach without stretching.
Don’t leave room for clutters or mess with our space-saving modern kitchen cabinet designs.
Organize your space to the maximum with innovative wall-storage units and pantry pull-out systems by TEL Kitchens.


Better Access, Smart Organization

The modular drawer system by TEL Kitchens offers efficient storage in your cabinet with a whopping load-bearing capacity.
Loaded over smooth runners, noiseless and feather-lite closure and resilient hinges, these stylish and trendy drawers by TEL offer a full view of the cabinet.
The latest handless and motion technology enables opening and closing of drawers to be carried out with a single touch.
Discover the most time-tested and versatile drawers and other kitchen accessories list by TEL that makes your kitchen more smart, efficient and long-lasting.


Space-savvy Design & Secured Functionality

The strength of your cabinets, drawers and other systems entirely depends on the hinge system.
The hard-wearing hinge systems by TEL Kitchens not only make your cabinets look alluring but come with a promise of durability and sturdiness.
As the hinges are concealed inside the motion systems embedded within the cabinets, they offer the desired opening and closing.
TEL Kitchens offers the largest collection of premium and high-quality hinges from the world’s leading hinge brands brought together only for you.

Hassle-Free & Smooth Workflow

Lift systems by TEL equip wall cabinets with state-of-the-art motion technology and offer unhindered access without hampering kitchen use.
TEL’s Modern kitchen accessories dramatically boosts working efficiency as lift systems allow things to be placed ergonomically.
Our ingenious lift up cabinet door systems combine easy-opening with soft close, making the overall experience mesmerizing and satisfying.
The variable stopping mechanism allows the homemakers to stop the lift system exactly where they want it to.
Explore our wide range of Lift systems that offer large, wide fronts and thin gaps for an uninterrupted and sleek look.

Lift Systems

Clear Visibility & Easy Access

Great functionality, sleek design and wide access to interiors make the love for sliding doors go leaps and bound amongst the next-generation homemakers and designers.
The sliding door storage cabinet system by TEL Kitchens comes with a promise of unique taste, quality and safety.
Equipped with the latest motion and sensory technology, our sliding doors are gentle, soft and come with noiseless closing.
Give a premium, sleek and luxurious look & feel to your cabinets without contemporary modular kitchen accessories by TEL Kitchens.

Our sliding door system eliminates the protrusion into the kitchen space as well as offers a clutter-free, organized look. Give a premium, sleek and luxurious look & feel to your cabinets without contemporary handless designs by TEL Kitchens India.

Sliding door

Smart Organizers for your cabinet drawers

Cluttered drawers can seriously ruin the look, functionality and efficiency of a kitchen.
Are your drawers overflowing with gadgets, cooking tools and utensils?
Go for perfect space-organizing kitchen cabinet storage dividers by TEL Kitchens and say NO to your space woes.
Give a minimalistic and organized look to your cabinet interiors, pull-out units, drawers etc that help to streamline your kitchen chores efficiently.
Inner Dividing Systems by TEL Kitchens offers clear visibility and ensures everything is placed within easy reach.

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