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3D Rendering & Virtual Reality

3D Rendering & Virtual Reality Services

Setting your Expectations RIGHT! – 3D Rendering & Virtual Reality Services

Oh! It’s different from what I’ve expected!” Is this your reaction when your project is brought to life?

You might feel the need of a magic wand so that you can twirl and undo the unexpected mess made by your designer.

Apart from that, going for changes during installation process significantly hike your costs and result in unnecessary delays.

Voila! 3D Rendering and Virtual Reality are the super tools that help you exactly visualize your design ideas before they take off from ground in the form of photos, animations and virtual tours.

Planning is the crucial step in every design whether its kitchen design, closet, vanity or TV unit design and 3d architectural rendering services helps to set the right expectations.

Be it colors, appliances, materials etc, 3d architectural visualization by TEL Kitchens help you see exactly how these things play together before the actual installation.

And, TEL’s exceptional Virtual Reality services help you go interactive and talk a complete virtual tour of your dream design.

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Photorealistic 3D Architectural Visualization

Shed off all your queries, assumptions and apprehensions related to design and installation. Unleash the power of technology and 3D rendering as you can now visualize your design before it actually comes to life.  Discover our high-quality, accurate and professionally delivered architectural 3d rendering services in India.

Practical & Functional 3D modular kitchen design

From cupboards to wall units and from modern to classic, 3d kitchen rendering services help you communicate with your designs unequivocally.


Your kitchen quotation going beyond your budget?


Modern kitchen interior 3D rendering helps you pick and try your favourite colours, worktops, splashbacks, cabinetry systems and much more alternatives before the actual work begins.

Practical & Functional 3D modular kitchen design

3D wardrobe Rendering for your unique needs

From selecting the carcass, shelves, mechanisms and drawers, 3D wardrobe design rendering service enables you to bring your dream closet to reality.


Sleek, Traditional or Modern? TEL Kitchens’ 3D renders give your imagination, ideas and vision a better canvas to portray what’s in your mind.

Call us and book an appointment with our expert 3D Closet designer today!

3D wardrobe Rendering for your unique needs

Add that “WOW” Appeal with 3D TV Unit Designs

Wooden TV units serve as the focal point for any room and inject life to an understated space and ambience.


So, it becomes quintessential to have media units designed the way you want.

Visualize your space going more picturesque and stunning before they’re actually built with luxury TV unit 3D model and renders by TEL Kitchens.

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Add that “WOW” Appeal with 3D TV Unit Designs

Visualize the raw appeal for 3d bathroom vanity unit

Want to make your bathroom appear more spacious, organised and luxurious?


A good 3D bathroom vanity unit is the key that can make or break the entire look of your bathroom space.

Be it colour, lighting or materials, 3d vanity units rendering enables you to give that dream look to your design before the manufacturing kicks in.

Visualize the raw appeal for 3d bathroom vanity unit

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